Master thesis project in Oral Formulation Research, Novo Nordisk at Novo Nordisk

Expires in 11 days

Project description

The aim of this project is to expand current knowledge on the influence of a polymer on the supersaturation propensity of a drug. This work will be used as an evaluation of the feasibility of the polymers for use in solid dispersions. The project will be in collaboration between the Solid State Pharmaceutics group at University of Copenhagen and the Department of Oral Formulation Research at Novo Nordisk, Måløv. The majority of the research work will be carried out at Novo Nordisk. From the project, the student(s) will get insights on solid state characterization, material science and analytical testing, which are often used in pre-formulation and drug development. The project will be 45 ECTS and is open to both individuals and students who would like to work in a pair. The candidate(s) should have an interest in design of experiments and multivariate data analysis.
Academic supervisors Thomas Rades & Matthias Manne Knopp, Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen

Project start and duration

September or November 2019 (45 ECTS)

Application procedure

Your application must be submitted electronically via the "apply now" button. Please state “OFR master thesis + YOUR NAME” in the email header. Furthermore include

  • Letter of motivation (max. 1 page).
  • CV incl. education, experience, language skills and other relevant skills for the project (max. 1 page).
  • A certificate with your grades.
  • A statement on preferred starting date (SEP or NOV 2019).

Co-applicants, if applicable, should include the above information in the SAME email.

Questions regarding the project or application procedure can be directed Matthias Manne Knopp.

Application deadline:

1st March 2019 at 23.59pm CET.

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